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Shanghai Trip 2017: Chapter 4

hI really can’t remember why and how I broke down my Shanghai trip into chapters. And I really don’t know how am I going to proceed now. For now, here’s what happened to our day 2 in Shanghai.


It was agreed the night before that we were going to start our Sunday by attending a mass at the nearest Catholic Church from our place, but, when we got there, it occurred to us that the mass that’s about to start will be in Chinese. So, we say our Prayers and left the church.


Shanghai All Saints Church in Danshui Road.

About 50 meters (or was it less?) away from the church was Line and Friends Cafe. It was also in our itinerary that we would be having coffee here before we start our day. Honestly, it was a bit on the expensive side, I guess what I was buying is the experience and the photoshoot on top of the actual coffee price. Hehehehe. I am not complaining I am just merely stating a fact. I had fun, and I loved the cutesy bottle and their tissue have Brown print!

We then rode the Metro going to Dongjing Station. I really liked the idea of riding the train this time without our luggages! I think we had two short rides and then when we transferred to Line 6, I slept. I was not feeling too well that day.


Upon reaching Dongjing Station, it was already time for lunch. There were this food stalls outside of the station. We decided to try this crepe-and-pancake-like food that they sell. I bought the one with chicken, and tell her not to put vegetable on my food. I liked it, in fact I came back for another one. This was just RMB7 a piece. We also decided to buy these big strawberries (they were yummy too!).


like a crepe for RMB7 per piece


RMB20 per kilo. Yummy!

After filling up our stomachs, we were all set to commute going to Zhujiajiao Water Towns. This was where we felt how challenging it is to communicate with them, and how important for people to use other resources if Google is not available. But this was also when we believed more in the good in strangers.

We didn’t know what bus to ride going to Zhujiajiao, and the taxi drivers were hovering at us like vultures while we were trying to figure out what bus to ride. We tried asking people in the bus stop but none of them can speak English. There were some who tried to help even if we cannot understand them, but they tried. We went back to the Metro Station, hoping that somebody can help us there. We returned to the bus station to wait, and hope that someone can help us. Then a lady and a guy (they don’t know each other) who can speak English was able to tell us, that we come with them, since they would be riding the same bus as we. So we did. Unfortunately, we were standing, I was really dizzy and my headache was starting to feel like a migraine. So upon alighting somewhere in Zhujiajiao (which we were not sure if we got off at the right place), I drank Advil and tried to calm my nerves.

Funny side story. Pagkababa namin ng bus, nasira ung swelas ng boots ko, imagine it laughing at us. hahahaha, medyo mahirap maglakad. So, una sa agenda namin is to look for a glue or mala-might bond na pandikit. May nakita naman kami. We were really laughing hard, akala nga ata ni Nanay tindera dun siya pinagtatawanan namin, pero when we showed her my boots and what we need, she understand and nakikitawa na din sya. buti me tinda sya. Nilagyan na namin ni Yanyan ung boots, ewan ko kung bakit dun na lang kami basta sumalampak ng upo sa ipinaunang lugar na nakita naming pedeng upuan, tapos narealize namin na nakahambalang pala kami sa daanan. hahahaha. I swear, nakalimutan ko ang sakit ng ulo ko kakatawa sa kalokohan namin.

While Yanyan and I tried to fix my boots, Tintin walked around to ask for directions. Apparently, we got off at the right stop, we just needed to walk to go to Zhujiajiao Water Villages.

Since it was a Sunday, the place was crowded, we just go on with the flow of people. Stopping every now and then for pictures.


Street leading to the Zhujiajiao Water Town proper.


View from the other side of the river


Their version of gondola.


One of the alleys of Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, swarming with tourists and locals alike.


Crossing Fangsheng Bridge.


A view while crossing one of their bridges.

After some time, we got tired and decided to head back to the city. We went to their bus terminal, and rode the bus that would take us to People Square. I was really tired that I immediately fell asleep.

We got off at People Square and walked around the area. We found this park where there was a fountain and took pictures. After some discussions on where were we going to eat, it was decided that we will go home at Xintiandi.

We tried our best to find someplace to eat, but it was a tad late that even Mystic South was already close. We ended up eating at Simply Thai.

Want to read more about the Zhujiajiao Ancient Town, visit https://www.travelchinaguide.com/attraction/shanghai/zhujiajiao.htm their site is very helpful as well.


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