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Shanghai Trip 2017: Chapter 3

Maglev ride, Metro ride, Shanghai Financial District, Park Hyatt, IFC Mall, Xintiandi

We didn’t have anything definite planned for Day One, since we would be dragging our suitcases when we roam around. We tried to do some of the 10 things mentioned in http://www.chinahighlights.com/shanghai/top-things-to-do.htm

First on the list was the Maglev ride (http://www.chinahighlights.com/shanghai/transportation/maglev-train.htm), so we did.


Inside Maglev, not too crowded in the morning. And their train is clean.


This was the fastest that I was able to capture on cam, but it could go as fast as 430km/h

We waited for the first trip which is at 7:05am. We purchased a RMB40 (Yuan) one-way ticket going to Longyang Road (there was a discount since, our arrival was the same date of our Maglev journey). Their train is spacious and clean. And we waited for the full speed by looking at those screens that flashes the current speed of the train. It felt like riding a rollercoaster, especially when it turns. We alighted at Longyang Road Station, to transfer to their Metro train.


At Longyang Road Station

When we were transferring to Metro, that’s the first time I got to feel how cold it was outside. I was “brrrrr… anglamig!”. We bought our Metro card for 50 Yuan which is actually 20 Yuan for the card and 30 Yuan load. Their train stations were equipped with xray machines, so imagine how hassle it was for us every time because of our suitcases.

We checked out the map of METRO for us to go to Shanghai World Financial Center. We were thankful that there are English names available. Their train system is as efficient as Singapore’s. We were able to find our way to Dongchang Road station. Then, 15 minute walk going to the Observatory. We made a mistake of going to the basement for the elevator access to the observatory.  We immediately trace our way back to Park Hyatt since what we wanted was to actually have coffee and breakfast with a view.


Before starting our 15 minute walk to Shanghai World Financial Center from Dongchang Road Station.

We went to 91st floor as suggested in http://www.chinahighlights.com/shanghai/attraction/shanghai-world-financial-center.htm but they were serving buffet breakfast and we were not that hungry for a buffet. The manager recommended that we should try and have coffee at The Pantry at 87th floor, we went down and greeted by this nice English-speaking manager. She even let us kept our luggage in the concierge.


Breakfast with this magnificent view of the city.

We had French Toast and Banana Caramel Pancake and hot chocolate. I loved their Hot Chocolate, it was just delish! The place was exquisite, with the sosyal brekkie and the magnificent view of the city, I must say this was the way to start a vacation.

Park Hyatt also have a Free WiFi with access to your usual SocNet sites such as FB, Twitter, Instagram et al.

As much as we wanted to just spend the rest of our trip there, of course we cannot, so after staying there for almost 2 hours we decided to leave. Dragging our suitcases, regretfully, we left the place. We navigated their walkway, stopping every now to appreciate the cityscape and to have our pictures taken.


Along their walkway

We also visited the IFC Mall, which we explored the roof deck. Surprisingly, their roof deck doesn’t have much shops/cafes yet, we were able to peruse the place for some photo shoot of our OOTDs.

It was almost noon, and it’s time to check into our home. We needed to dump our suitcases and change our clothes anyway. We rode the Metro Line 10 going to Xintiandi.

I immediately fell in love with Fuxing (M) Rd. with all those bare trees on both sides of the street, and all those vintage feel structures. It felt like I was walking in a movie set.


Fuxing (M) Road. Isn’t she lovely?


Crossing my favorite road in Shanghai. Thanks @prettytin for this picture.

Tintin booked our “home” from www.airbnb.com.  She found this nice, clean, spacious and it was in a very convenient location, near Xintiandi.


This was where Yanyan and I slept.




Mini kitchen and Dining Area.


The Loft. Tintin’s bed

While roaming around Xintiandi, we were also scouting where we can have our dinner.


Xingye Road. Can’t get enough of the bare trees.

Tintin showed us her list of possible restaurants to try.

We decided to try Mystic South Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine, since, we were just near the place. It was our first time to dine there so we were apprehensive on how much our dinner will cost us. However, upon ordering their bestsellers, which were both delish and affordable, we decided that we already loved the place. We loved it so much we had dinner there the following nights, except for the second night because they were already closed when we arrived.


On the Table: the Sisters and the Bestseller.


**Please also visit Tintin’s blog: http://prettytin.blogspot.com/ for a better and less hyper version of our story hahahaha.


2 responses

  1. Ang saya!!!

    Naaliw pa ko kasi yang mga lugar na pinuntahan nyo madalas kasama sa work ko ngayon. Hihi.

    Sali pa sa ibang contests baka next sa Europe na 🙂

    March 22, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    • ipagpray natin yan temei! sana nga. madami pang mapuntahang medyo me mga libre libre hahahaha para makatipid sa gastos. 🙂

      talaga? familiar ung mga lugar. hihihihi. ganda dun!

      March 23, 2017 at 7:03 pm

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