a pensieve

Shanghai Trip 2017: Chapter 2

Airports. Here and There.

There’s the usual hustle of paying travel tax and checking in, then dinner. I really don’t know why but every time I am at the immigration section, I get so nervous. Good thing the immigration officer didn’t ask much, in fact, I already forgot what he asked.

We boarded the plane and went to our respective seats. Yanyan was seated five seats away from me and Tintin, so we didn’t talk much. I was so sleepy anyway. I think I was already sleeping even before the plane took off.

Next thing I knew, we are already landing in Pudong International Airport, one of the two international airports in Shanghai. We took our sweet time in getting out. After getting our luggage, we went to the waiting area to scout for a place to eat, charge our phones, and sleep.  The first trip of Maglev from the airport was at a little pass 7am so, we have at least 4 hours of nothing to do.


Not all are my suitcases. For photo purposes lang. Mine is my usual backpack and the red-covered luggage.

We decided to wait at Burger King, since it was the only fast food opened where we can at least eat and stay. All the tables were occupied by sleeping people or those that were just charging their gadgets, good thing that the adjacent restaurant also has some people who ate their order from Burger King, while there were some more people sleeping. We found a clean table and camped there. We were able to nap and charge our gadgets.


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