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Shanghai Trip 2017: Prologue and Chapter 1

What will you do if you happen to win a roundtrip airplane tickets for two to a country which you need to apply for a visa?


The Announcement of the winner in http://www.ironwulf.net

Thank Ferdz of Ironwulf, AirAsia for the tickets, and your friend, for telling you about the contest, then ask her to come with you and take the risk to apply for a visa, a Chinese visa.

That’s basically what I did when I found out that I won the contest. And I really am grateful that I did:

One, it pushed me to finally try and apply for a visa. Ha! Di na lang ung mga walang visa ang pede kong palang puntahan!

Two, finally experienced a winter season, and I can wear those OOTDs that I can only see in movies.


We decided to seek assistance from ROYAL CLASS TRAVEL AND TOURS INC., an agency that Diane knows, this made the process a little bit easier. They told us what requirements to prepare aside from those indicated in the Chinese embassy website. They were also the one who brought our requirements and picked up our passports from the embassy.

Requirements are as follows:

  1. Passport. It should be valid and not expiring in the next 6 months.
    • Upon submission, make sure to have the first four pages photocopied. I even photocopied those pages with stamps.
  2. Old Passport. This will serve as an additional proof that you are well-traveled and you are coming back here in the Philippines.
    • I also had the pages photocopied, just in case.
  3. Certificate of Employment. Don’t forget to also provide a photocopy of this.
  4. Latest Certificate of Creditable Tax Withheld at Source. Form 2307. Since, I am a contractual employee, I submitted for this one. If you are a regular employee, you have to submit Form 2317. Certificate of Income Tax Return.
  5. Bank Certificate and Bank Statement of Account (for the last 6 months)
    • If your bank is BPI like me, they would only provide you the last 3 months immediately. But since what you need is 6 months, allot at least 7 banking days for them to provide it to you.
    • When requesting for Bank Certificate, you need to pay PhP100, they will also issue a receipt for this. This is also needed to be submitted to the embassy.
  6. Valid IDs. Provide a photocopy.
  7. Copy of your SSS Contributions. This is readily available in your sss account online, just print a copy. This is just an additional requirement by the agency that shall serve as a supporting document when needed.
  8. ID Pictures. Bring a sample of the application form found in the website to get the actual size required.
  9. Printed Application Form. Fill up, Print and don’t forget to sign the application form that can be found in the Chinese embassy website.
    • Be prepared of your trip itinerary, flight and accommodation details.
  10. PhP1400.00 is the visa processing fee in the embassy, plus the fee that you need to pay the agency. In our case, we paid a total of PhP 2800.00 for the visa and agency fees.

Then we waited. Usual processing is just 4 working days, but since we passed our requirements before the Chinese New Year, we waited longer.

Finally, when we got our passports with visas, I started planning my OOTDs. I have been tracking the weather in Shanghai, and boy, it was cold! I even saw one night that it snowed there. I got a little panicky with the clothes that I needed. I have to wear the proper attires in order to survive the cold.


My First Ever Visa in my Passport

My friends, the sisters are nothing but helpful. They lend me a pair of boots and some winter clothes. They gave me pointers on what kind of clothes/coats to borrow/buy. In my mind’s eye, I already have an idea how I want me to look like, I just have doubts if I can survive the cold with those get ups.


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