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Desert Song

This is one of my favorite worship songs.

I will never forget the first time I heard this. This was one of the songs sang that day I attended (alone) the VCF Alabang Service for the first time. I really felt that God was comforting me and assuring me at that moment.

“This is my prayer in the desert when all that’s within me feels dry.”



This is the longest time that I have been away from home.

Thank You God, for the gift of technology that we can connect to people we love easily these days, but nonetheless.

Today, I am supposed to be going back home. But last Monday, my request for a social visit pass extension was granted so, now, I am allowed to stay for another month.


I have realized a couple of things today:

a. I think if I had push through with that teaching stint in an English Camp for Korean, I could have bigger chance of getting a work.

b. I feel like I am on a working Holy Week.

c. I am four years too late for this adventure. haha. Or I should just have stayed longer last June.

d. That after thinking about items a-c I didn’t find myself dwelling with it. hmmm, nagmamature na? hahaha.

e. I hate people who are inconsistent, and lately, I am becoming one of the most inconsistent AND unstable person that I know. I therefore conclude, I am beginning to hate myself?!?!

f. I am tired of “drama”. really. I have too much of my own worries and problems to put up with other people’s drama. Hence, I am becoming anti-social hahaha.

g. I miss my mommy and sisters and niece. I really do. But I know that I want them coming here and us making pasyal than me going back home.

h. Haven’t had a single stick since last Sunday night.

i. One of my favorite time of the day is whenever I hear Lia’s Aunt sing to her to sleep.


this post is slightly “sabog”. hahahaha.

dropping by

it’s been a while since my last post here. nothing much, but at the same time too much, had happened to me.

i’ll post here soon.

for now, I would like to request for your prayers that I may be able to find work soonest possible time.

God bless, everyone! always remember that “God’s Will; God’s Bill!”