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who I want to be my other half

I really don’t know why I suddenly I have this urge to write about this, but I guess I have my sister and my “older brother”‘s photos to blame. hahaha.

I know that I’ve always wanted that the man I’d spent the rest of my life will have these certain qualities. My NON-NEGOTIABLES.

1. First and foremost, I’ve always wanted someone who’d lead me back to the Lord. Someone who’d make me to want to be a better person not only for him and for myself but also in the eyes of our Lord.

2. He’s not only my husband, he should also be my best friend, my travel buddy, my critique and my playmate. He can not only be a MAN, but he can be a BOY, at the right time and at the right place.

3. I can talked to him about anything and everything under the sun. No dull moments, no awkward silences, no boring times. He’s got to have a sense of humor. JIVE KAME in other words.

4. He would let me have my way ’cause he hates it when I can’t. But knows when he has to put his foot down on certain occasions.

5. He should love to take pictures (of me specially) and would travel with me anywhere. If he is a swimmer and can ride a bike, would be a plus.

6. and most importantly, HE would never ever cheat on me, because I am NOT his NUMBER ONE but simply because, I AM HIS ONLY ONE.

hhhmmmmm… ♥♥♥


The Other Side

After almost 5 years, I found myself willing to be reunited again with Mt. Pulag. But of course, with the help (morally, financially and “clothing”-ly) of CGT and KZBP.

Prior to the actual climb, there were already been warnings (even read in a newspaper) that it will be very cold and there is a slim chance of witnessing the sunrise that Mt. Pulag is known for. So, honestly, my expectation (to see again the sunrise) is at the minimum bordering to none.

What came as a surprise is the sunset that we were able to witness. It was like a forest fire from afar. The fog didn’t even diminish the richness of its color.

Sunset of Mt. Pulag

Another thing is the night sky of Mt. Pulag. It was, as I’ve seen before, still beyond words. The stars are indeed like scattered diamonds in the sky. And, by the way, I had a small surprise from God. He sent me a wishing star. 🙂

Oh, did I mention that it was really cold? The temperature there dropped as low as -2 degrees. It was crazy cold. The cold made me crazy. hahaha.

As we trekked going to summit (while fooling ourselves that somehow the sunrise would make a surprise appearance) it was raining (or was it drizzling?) And when we reached the summit, we just stayed in a corner (if you can call it a corner) hiding amongst the tall grass. We (at least our small group) slept the cold away.

But despite of it all, I can say that, this trip had been fun, memorable and enjoyable. What they say is true, the destination is just a bonus. It’s the company we keep and the journey that what counts the most.

To These Friends, I am Most Thankful For.

Dear Lord, For You have loved me so dearly that I feel so blessed. For these gifts of friendship and wonders of nature, I am forever grateful for. I love You. Amen.