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New Things About Baguio

Well, at least for me. Ü

Last weekend, our family decided to have a short but sweet trip to the summer capital of the Philippines, BAGUIO CITY.

Anyhoo, I have been to Baguio for so many times since my first time last 1995, but only in this trip I get to visit something new.


According to www.bencabmuseum.org: The museum houses the artworks and masterpieces of the Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera, hence the name Bencab.

I liked the museum because of the variety on the themes that the artworks presented. They are not boring and typical.

They have a gallery full of R-18 themed woodcarvings and paintings (which I later found out in their website that it was called EROTICA GALLERY).

At the back of the museum you’d see a beautiful garden. Even from the veranda of the building you’d see it, but you can go there for picture-taking or just take in the view or just breathe fresh air after your museum tour.

The museum has a coffee shop called Cafe Sabel which have a very cozy feeling. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to try their coffee or whatever it is that they offer.


I’ve been wanting to visit this village, but only this trip that I finally get to do it. We need to do a little trekking in able to roam around the village. It was an easy one, my 5 year old niece did it without any problems.

Tan-awan Village

Another nice thing about the place is that they showcase artworks of local artist. The village also offers workshops like sketching and paintings, of course for a fee. When we were there there’s an ongoing workshop with Korean (i think) visitors.

They also have a coffee shop there, which I (again) wasn’t able to try. The village also offers lodging to their visitors.

For more information about this village, visit their website:


This is another art gallery that showcases artworks of local artists. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures for it was forbidden to take pictures inside.

Most of the artworks that we’ve seen are metal sculptures and paintings. They also have a coffee shop where you can chillax.

This gallery is located right across Tam-awan Village.

There’s still a lot more about Baguio that I haven’t really explored. The usuals are Burnham Park, Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay and among others, but every once in a while, it’s nice to see something new.

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