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its the climb

My friends and I are scheduled for a climb this weekend at Mt. Pulag. I haven’t reach that part where I am excited. 😀

I don’t think it’s time yet.

For now, I am anxious for Friday to come. There are still a lot to prepare. I don’t think I have enough training, and frankly, my body is no longer up to any of it. I still have to pack (which I should be doing now, but I preferred blogging over it.) And of course, my financial concerns is like a big gray cloud over my head.

But aside from that, I am so looking forward to this climb. After almost 5 years, I finally get to be reunited with my dream mountain again and once again, I get to share the experience with (almost) the same people as 5 years ago.

I hope that it won’t rain and we, once again. witness the sunrise.

So for now, lets put these in my trusty backpack:

a. 2 Bonnets (one of which, I cannot find)
b. 2 skin tight sandos (not the usual cotton kind)
c. a tube dress
d. 2 pairs of socks (I am still looking for an additional pair)
e. gloves
f. my sweatshirt
g. my Tinkerbell T-shirt
h. a scarf
i. a bonnet with ear muffs (which the vendors in Baguio call mufflers)
j. 3.5 liters of water (I am considering adding 2 more liters)
k. another shirt
l. a jacket I borrowed from my sis
m. a jogging pants (I think I will be wearing this one on Friday)
n. malong
o. sarong
p. some trail food

I think that’s basically it. 😀 I am still thinking of what should I wear on our trek up on the first day. I basically have an idea what I would be wearing at the summit (which is the same set of clothes that I’d be wearing on the trek going down).

blogging about all of this made me a little excited 😀 hehehe.


Hot Air Balloon

This is the 4th consecutive time that I was able to attend the Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark, Pampanga. And so far, I consider this trip to be the most successful of the four.

This time I was able to witness while they are still setting up the balloons, how the balloon took off, and how the balloon floats away from me. =)

The 16th HABFest at Clark Air Field Pampanga

Riding a Hot Air Balloon is one of my items in my bucket list or my to-do list. I’ve wanted it since I was a kid. It’s a little expensive, that’s why I haven’t done it. But I’ll work on it. And hopefully, next visit to this event, I won’t only be a holder of a photographer’s pass but I will also be able to ride the Balloon 😉


Last Saturday, I spent all day with my mommy.

At first we went to San Roque Parish in Cavite City, then afterwards we made a stop over at Aguinaldo Shrine. Then, I asked her to accompany me to the first birthday of my college friend’s son at SM Las Pinas.

I really enjoy going out with my mom, cause she’s funny and super luka luka too. But still, I have to behave a little, since she’s still my mom. =D hehehe.

I really wish that one day, our date would be out-of-the-country. That would be very very great 😉 I’m praying that it would be in Singapore. 🙂

New Things About Baguio

Well, at least for me. Ü

Last weekend, our family decided to have a short but sweet trip to the summer capital of the Philippines, BAGUIO CITY.

Anyhoo, I have been to Baguio for so many times since my first time last 1995, but only in this trip I get to visit something new.


According to www.bencabmuseum.org: The museum houses the artworks and masterpieces of the Philippine National Artist Benedicto Cabrera, hence the name Bencab.

I liked the museum because of the variety on the themes that the artworks presented. They are not boring and typical.

They have a gallery full of R-18 themed woodcarvings and paintings (which I later found out in their website that it was called EROTICA GALLERY).

At the back of the museum you’d see a beautiful garden. Even from the veranda of the building you’d see it, but you can go there for picture-taking or just take in the view or just breathe fresh air after your museum tour.

The museum has a coffee shop called Cafe Sabel which have a very cozy feeling. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time to try their coffee or whatever it is that they offer.


I’ve been wanting to visit this village, but only this trip that I finally get to do it. We need to do a little trekking in able to roam around the village. It was an easy one, my 5 year old niece did it without any problems.

Tan-awan Village

Another nice thing about the place is that they showcase artworks of local artist. The village also offers workshops like sketching and paintings, of course for a fee. When we were there there’s an ongoing workshop with Korean (i think) visitors.

They also have a coffee shop there, which I (again) wasn’t able to try. The village also offers lodging to their visitors.

For more information about this village, visit their website:


This is another art gallery that showcases artworks of local artists. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures for it was forbidden to take pictures inside.

Most of the artworks that we’ve seen are metal sculptures and paintings. They also have a coffee shop where you can chillax.

This gallery is located right across Tam-awan Village.

There’s still a lot more about Baguio that I haven’t really explored. The usuals are Burnham Park, Botanical Garden, Camp John Hay and among others, but every once in a while, it’s nice to see something new.


This post have evil thoughts and a bit of pagtatampo too.

Sometimes I don’t believe it when somebody would say that they miss me. See, I am evil haha! Ok, let me explain.

They say they miss me, but I should be the one who’ll go out of my way just to meet them.

hmmm… I know that I don’t have work, and I have all the time in the world, but I don’t have money. So, basically, I only get a chance to go out when I happen to have an interview. What I usually do is to inform people when I have a schedule for an interview, so that I can meet them. But, every time, they are not available (and they will tell me when their available time is, as if I can meet them). Bad Timing.

There are also those times that I will request them to just meet somewhere (not very far from them) so, I don’t have to go out of my way and spend extra for my transpo just to meet them. They can’t. They have work and I don’t.

Or sometimes, I would just be in the area (without telling them) and I would contact them, there are just three things that happens: 1. They won’t answer my texts/calls (they have work and I don’t) 2. And once they answer me, they’d tell me WHY I didn’t tell them ahead of time (as if that changes things!) 3. I don’t see any of them, and I’d be nagtatampo to them while I try to reason with my self.

I am not asking my friends to leave everything behind for me. It’s just sad that they say they miss me but they don’t make an effort to see me or be with me (even for just a few minutes).

So, sometimes I feel like a witch for raising an eyebrow every time some of them would tell me that they miss me. haha!

Cause, if you really miss someone and it’s not that impossible to stop missing them, you can do something about it. I know, cause I do.

NTS: Everybody else is not me.