a pensieve

the year 2010

I never believed that there’s such a bad year. Yes, there might have been better years but 2010 is definitely a good year.

2010 is a year full of “tests and lessons” but there are also been a lot of “recesses, breaks, and field trips” in between. Despite all the unfortunate turn of events, there have also been a lot of turning points, eye openers and so much to be grateful for.

2010 is composed of a very healthy combination of
UPs and DOWNs;
of Confusions and Realizations;
of Stupidity and Wisdom;
of Selfishness and Maturity;
of Loss and Gains;
of Hopelessness and FAITH.

2010 is a year full of LOVE and Relationships (mended, restored, renewed and kept).

2010 is more of me receiving than me giving. A year almost always spent setting aside pride. And opening my heart to the blessings and love given to me.

My 2010 is a year of “thank you” to my family and to my closest friends and most especially to our Good Lord, for reminding me that I have always been loved in spite and despite of.



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