a pensieve

shouldn’t be

I shouldn’t be writing about this on a day before Christmas. I just can’t help it. I already know about this a long time ago, but last night I was reminded of it again.

As much as I wanted to be in a relationship, but I don’t know how that will happen when I am so scared shitless to be cheated on.

Trust is a very important ingredient to a happy relationship. But, after witnessing and experiencing instances where a “in a relationship” man is involved, I think I will be really having a hard time trusting MEN. (haha, Hasty Generalization on my part, but honestly, can you blame me?)

And in addition to my Trust-issues, I am an insanely jealous person. Hahaha. And then, I wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend for the longest time, who am I kidding!

But really, my point is, it’s scary. Marriage and Kids were never an assurance for a happy and successful relationship.

Almost all men cheat, some women do too, it’s frustrating! Would I want to subject myself to that?

… yes, I wrote this on a day before Christmas. haha! wala talagang spirit of Christmas, olats!

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