a pensieve

Light at the End of the Tunnel

well, it turns out to be a fast approaching train. Argh!

This is an update regarding my previous post: TIMING (to read it again just click on the link).

I thought that that teaching job at a Winter Camp to teach English to Korean kids is already in the bag, well, I thought wrong. We thought wrong, I and the others who were there yesterday at the orientation.

It is just so frustrating and depressing. I have been excited and been looking forward to it for almost a month. Even coming up with a list of what I should bring. Then, just when I thought that orientation is when I will be able to finalize the things I needed to bring, I would finally know that “I am not one of those that they’d bring along”. ohhhh, sooooo unfair.

I get it, I am not the best out there, but it just sucks that they led me on to thinking that I’d be one of those who’d be joining them for camp. I’ve psyched myself (and even those people around me). Did I mention that I was really really excited? hayyy sabi na, Bawal Ma-Excite e!!!

As I was trying to write this entry, I looked back at those days that I’ve written about that camp. I was freaking hopeful. Then, I read my SNEAKING UP ON ME entry. It made me wonder, what if, right at the very beginning, there were already tell-tale signs that I won’t be able to make it to camp? Oh well, at least I tried.

So much for pursuing a childhood dream! For now, I am back to my senseless wanderings.


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