a pensieve

Low Profile

Since last Thursday (December 9, 2010), I have been trying to keep quiet and been docking out of the radar. I am so irritable lately. And SENSITIVE and UNREASONABLE, ohh, and did I mention that I am really irritable?

At first I tried venting it out through Twitter, but it was just like infecting other people with Bad Vibes. People have already enough on their plates to deal with my ranting. And I am trying to avoid any more naubusan ng pasensya moments with my family and friends. I don’t think anyone of us needs that now.

Ironically, I am also trying not to fall out of the radar completely. I still replies and comments when I really feel ok. And just keep really quiet when I feel like I am just going to be a major patola-kontrabida.

So, what’s keeping me busy are Hannah Montana and Lizzie McGuire. I have written about Hannah Montana in my previous post. And now, I am watching and downloading more Lizzie McGuire episodes.

These shows have a calming effect on me. At times, it really makes me wish that I am a kid again, but most of the times I just like how their kababawans entertain me and teach me lessons (on life).


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