a pensieve

Bad Vibes

I seem to be always on the edge lately. I have to blame (as usual!) the season! haha! But this year, being penny-less (and just being downright pathetic because of being so irresponsible and immature) is only adding up more fuel to my fire of disappointments and frustrations.

I want to go to places, buy stuffs, and be with people, but I just can’t, UNLESS one of my friends would take pity on me and sponsor me, or or or I would swallow my very bitter pride and ask for some gala-money from my mother.

I know I know, this is all my freaking fault. hayyy I have no right to complain. I have to suck this all up until I am again given a chance to have work and prove that I have learned my lesson and (finally, really!!!!) save up!



On a different note, I finally got to download episode 1 til 10 of season 4 of Hannah Montana Forever. I have been watching it since yesterday, somehow, I am feeling a bit better because of it. Well, I always used to watch this series every time I am feeling down. I specially liked their season 1!

I have always liked Hannah Montana. I don’t know why. Maybe because her problems are petty and her life is often times fun. Or maybe because of the life lessons they try to teach in every episode.

This is their last season. Kindda sad about it, but it’s part of growing up. Oh well, Hannah has already revealed her identity in episodes 9-10.

I kindda hate that Oliver is not in the show anymore, but I love Miley and Lily’s room and Hannah’s closet!!! The songs from this season are all good! ÜÜÜ

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