a pensieve

Of Bubbles and Doggies

KZBP, CGT and I were planning for weekend together. CGT wants to let KZBP to drive around Chuckie’s hometown (somewhere in Pacita, Laguna).

Then, yesterday, CADV invited us for a Tagaytay trip. I had to say NO. I have no more money to spend, and I am already ashamed to ask my mommy for some gala-money.

But things went on differently. ÜÜÜ

Even before I got the chance to wake up (which is why I thought the conversation was just a dream), CGT already called me. Then, they were here.

We went to Tagaytay. Ate bulalo for lunch, stayed at Picnic Grove and played with the dogs, had coffee at Starbucks (I really love Starbucks Tagaytay especially during December!), then, on our way home we stopped at Nuvali for dinner.

I was surprised to know that I can actually take care of doggies. Even though, it’s just like taking care of your nieces/nephews, the kind which you shout out for their real mothers (owners) when they poop. I never thought that doggies would love me. Ü

It was a fun day. Special thanks to KZBP and CGT for pushing through with it and for ‘kidnapping’ me. Ü


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