a pensieve

the BitterSweet Mountaineer Me

I met up with friends earlier this evening and they were all teasing me that I am blooming. Well, honestly, I can say I can’t deny that, cause I’ve noticed that before with myself. I always look blooming/prettier whenever I am traveling or I just got back from traveling.

Yup, after more than 2 months, I finally was able to get out of the house and leave the city even for a while. After 3 or 4 years, I was able to climb/hike/trek again.

I just gave in to my CGT’s request for me to join this climb. First, I can’t say NO to a friend who is celebrating her birthday. Second, this is a free trip, of course sponsored by CGT. And lastly, I want to breathe the fresh air of the mountains again.

I have been a ‘mountaineer’ (because I am a member of a mountaineering org) since 2005. But I am not actively participating in climbs since January 2007, I was a little worried with everything. Looking back to my weekend, my concerns are so petty. Really!

The climb was actually an easy one. We didn’t assault to submit with our full backpacks, because we stayed in the base camp beside the river. The kids and the kids-at-heart enjoyed swimming in the cool and refreshing water of the river. It was like a usual family outing, with kids and their lolo, tito’t titas, ates and kuyas, but come to think of it, we have a 2 year old kid in the group. Ü

One of the things I did in this climb that I thought I would never do is, to night trek to the nearest sari sari store just to buy 3 bottles of gin. hehehe. It was crazy and thoughtless, but I trust my companions (kuya D and CT) that they would not allow anything bad will happen to me. I actually enjoyed that quick trip and back.

In this trip, we didn’t only climb but we also did some spelunking (caving). It was an adventure to most of us who are first timers. I kind of panicked to a point that I cried because I was so freaking nervous. I was scared that I won’t be able to do it, even though, I know I can. Freaking Fears. Good thing that these people with me won’t let me miss this experience. Of course, I got out of the cave alive, I live to tell the tale. It was awesome, AWESOME!

After the caving part of our adventure, we did XY-ing. We crossed the river by walking on a wire, while we held on to our life to another wire, did I mention that we didn’t use harness while doing this? hehehe. Some of us like CT were brave enough (and knows how to swim) to let go of the cable and jump to the river for a swim. Hmmm, that’s around 25ft. high. I want to experience it, but I was too scared to do it alone, so I asked CGT if we could go together. Good thing, she said yes. Ü

All in all, I am a little bit sore, but it is nothing in comparison. I had so much fun. The view on top is as always priceless. A God’s masterpiece indeed. Plus, the people with me are all so friendly and nice and fun. I hope to do this again, once I have work again (or if someone would sponsor my trip again hehehe).

I am so thankful to CGT.
I am so grateful for everyone (some are old friends, and made some new ones) who joined this trip.
and most of all, I feel so blessed to witness again God’s work (may it be through people I am with, through the highest or lowest or darkest or wettest place, or even through the circumstances), Thank You Lord for all of these. Ü

to Aki, Tali, Kai and Art, guys thank you! 😉

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