a pensieve

lies lies lies

Last weekend, one of the getting to know games we played is called truth and lies. Well, I actually called it just that. Each person should tell truth or lies and we would pick who would identify which of the 3 items is a lie.

I know with this game that this is more of Assumptionistas’ game. I, once again, proved that people only believe what they want to believe, and that people have their own versions of truth.

The things that you will tell about yourself should be juicy, provocative and should amaze everyone. When it was my turn the first time, I told one truth and two lies. And the person chosen to identify the lie actually guessed that my lie was the only truth I told them. And everything else got so confusing. After the game, NCM approached me and told me that he really knows me. I asked him, what made him think so, when he was wrong. He didn’t believe me. He even accused me of denying the truth. haha! Oh well, who am I to ruin his parade.

On the second round of the game, I told them another 2 lies and a truth. Of course, I can’t remember who guessed it, whoever it is, he got it right. And they now all thought that I actually had an affair with a married man. haha! I wanted to tell them, in their freaking dreams would I ever have an affair with a married man!

Then, one of those guys there that I really respect and love (in a very brotherly way), asked me to identify his lie. I was wrong. It made me sad to know that about him. Oh well, I guess I just a very different version of truth about him.

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