a pensieve


I really don’t know where to start about the tale of how I ended up with a teaching job at an English Winter Camp this January.

I’ll start this with a trivia about me. As far as I can recall, I know that my first “what I wanna be when I grow up” is to be a TEACHER. Then, eventually, it became a scientist. Anyway, this dream has been forgotten and was never been considered to be a possible profession. I took Computer Science in college.

But “being a teacher” is always an alternative choice. I remember having conversations with my best friend that if ever we never get that chance to get ourselves a husband, we would be teachers. If I can remember it correctly, I said that if I am still single at the age of 27, I will just become a teacher. My reason was simple: Teachers are always loved by their students. Teachers are loved period. Teachers always receive flowers during special occasions. But of course, it was just something we talked about to amaze ourselves.

Then, August this year, I attended a VCF service, I can’t remember exactly when, but the topic then was about CALLING. I even told KZBP that I think my calling was to teach. I wanted to try and inquire about the teaching positions in VCF Alabang for their Sunday school for kids, but I didn’t. I was too coward to pursue it. And honestly, I was a bit ashamed, because I am not even a Christian to begin with.

Then November 10 came, as always, wide awake while the rest were sleeping, I suddenly came to a realization. A Regret would be more appropriate. I should have not wasted my time moping around, getting depressed, and being angry. I should have studied that 18 teaching units. The timing of me losing that job was already a sign. It was just in time to enroll for the first semester, but no, I opted to “rest”. Then this realization was just a little too late for second semester. I know Regret has finally said his introductions and I was left with no choice but acknowledged his presence. Then, I prayed and talked God, I asked Him to make me get over this Regret the soonest possible time. I told Him that I don’t need any more negative forces in my life right now.

God’s answer to my plea came after 3 days. November 13. I opened up this realization and my regrets about it to CGT. She mentioned an opportunity. I told her, I am interested. I seek for her help to ask LB the details. I am shy to ask LB directly even though we actually know each other. I got some answers but I was not satisfied, so, I just went ahead and swallowed my pride and ask LB directly. Finally, I have the details.

Then, I asked KMR to come with me. I know she’s also looking for work, and the only thing I know to help her is to ask her to come with me every time I hear an opening (honestly, I don’t even know what work she is looking for).

So, we set a schedule when we’ll be going to do our interview and teaching demo. Supposedly, we scheduled it for November 18, but I asked KMR if we could move it the next day. (you guess it right, that Thursday was a Harry Potter day). From here on you already know the story. Three companies contacted me for interviews which they scheduled for Monday and Tuesday. You already know that this fact has made me a little confused.

KMR and I pushed through with our appointment that Friday. She didn’t sign, so, I didn’t too. I am too coward (yes, I have no backbone and balls) to proceed alone and I also still need to inform my mother that the first day of the camp is on January 1, instead of January 2. So, we have agreed to sign by November 23, today.

I prayed for signs from God. I prayed for loud and clear signs. I got my signs. The job that I had interviewed for has a bond, the other two job interviews originally scheduled before Wednesday were all rescheduled after Wednesday, lastly and more importantly, I told myself that ‘it’s now or never’ which I listened to.

This afternoon, KMR and I went back to their office again to ask some of our inquiries and to finally sign the contract. We were still both giddy as we step out of the building when we were greeted by a rainbow.

Rainbows are good omen ryt? Ü

dear Lord, Thank You very much for this opportunity. I have my fears and doubts, but I know that You will be with me through all of these. I Love You. Amen.

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