a pensieve

Commitment Phobic

One of the companies I had interview for today told me that they have BOND, a three year bond with the company. Their condition is that I have to work for their company for the next 3 years in exchange for the training that they will give me or else, I have to pay 300,000 pesos (or at least a hundred thousand for every ‘unserved’ remaining year).

Actually, I can’t believe that there are still companies which bond their employees. The last I heard of their kind was when I was fresh out of college. My next reaction was ‘uh ohhh, may bond?’ but of course, I told them, I was ok with the set up.

Then here comes my realization. I am commitment phobic, yeah, I am COMMITMENT PHOBIC.

If you’re going to look at my resume, staying at a company was never a problem with me, and maybe I won’t even notice that 3 years that they are requiring me. But knowing that I am bound with them with conditions, I feel scared. I feel pressured. Staying suddenly feels so constricting and suffocating.

I don’t have a problem with staying, my problem lies in the fact that I can’t just easily leave.

hmmmm. I think I finally stumbled upon an answer to one of my whys.


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