a pensieve

sneaking up on me

Once again, life (or fate, or whatever you may want to call it) is playing it’s confusing game on me.

For almost a week, I have been so decided on pursuing the teaching camp. I know that I really wanted it. I may not be so confident with myself but I really wanted it. I have been telling myself that I’ll do my best to get that teaching slot and to be able to fulfill the position I will sign up for.

The day before my scheduled interview and teaching demo, I was contacted, not only by one but by three different companies for initial interviews. And all these interviews were done before the time slot for the teaching demo and they all scheduled me for an exam and another interview for this week.

Hayyy talk about timing. Anyway, the teaching demo went OK (yes, it was just OK because basically they got bored with me.) I didn’t sign yet the contract because I learned that (1.) KMR didn’t sign hers yet, and (2.) the camp will start on January 1, instead of January 2, 2011 that LB told me about. KMR and I will be back by Wednesday to inform them of our decision. Honestly, I think if KMR will sign, I will no longer consider any other option and sign my contract too. hehe.

dear Lord, Here I am again, asking for Your Guidance. Please give me a loud and very clear sign whether I will proceed with the teaching camp or not. Yes, I know that You know that I want this, but I need to know if this is what You want for me. May Your Will be Done Lord. Thank You. Amen.

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