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That Magical World

Today was the opening in theaters of Harry Potter (the second to the last installment of that series). I watched it on the second hour of screening. I am too groggy to wake up and be at the mall by 11am, besides, I slept at 7am (yeah yeah, I was too excited).

I watched the 3:00pm showing. I was teary-eyed at the beginning of the movie. It’s coming to an end. Well, I can easily re-watch all the movies, but there’s just this feeling of ‘ending’. Of course, I’ve read (and re-read) all the books too, nonetheless, I am a little sad. It’s like transferring schools and you’d be leaving behind your closest friends.

The kids (both the actors and the characters) are all grown up now. It’s distracting. hahaha. I found myself covering my eyes when Harry stripped off his clothes to dive for the sword. hahaha. I can’t seem to reconcile the Harry Potter (I have in my mind) with that of the (Hairy Daniel Radcliffe) Harry Potter I am seeing.

Although, I know that I would miss them, I still can’t help wishing it’s already July, 2011, can’t wait to watch part 2.

yeah, I am in love with Harry James Potter for ten years now =D


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