a pensieve


I am very excited for the next 2 days.

Later will be the showing of the long-awaited Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part I. I am very very excited and I am planning to watch it in the morning. Finally, I would be able to watch it on it’s first day, first hour. One of the perks of being jobless.

And on Friday, it will be the scheduled day for the first step in making one of my childhood dreams to come true. I am so praying that I’d do good with that. A teaching demo. And if it’s God’s will, I’d be able to experience teaching by next year. Lord, please let me do this. Yes, another one of the perks of being jobless, having the time to go after my dreams.

I want to close this entry with a prayer.

dear Lord, Thank You for setting me free from my old and very toxic job. I may be having a rough time adjusting but I am also very thankful for this opportunity to have the time I needed to realize some of my dreams. I am praying to you my Lord that You will give me this moment. Grant me the strength and inspiration to pursue this successfully. Amen.


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